Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shoes and purses make the world go round. And daughters.

One day I was standing at the counter in the Verizon store waiting for the nice lady to update my account, when I overheard the woman next to me complaining about her son's texting bill, which she claimed was way too high. It seems the lad did not have unlimited texting as part of his plan, and lived in denial of that little detail. He had over 40,000 texts in one month.

That's over 1300 per day.

55 an hour if he texts 24 hours a day.

Assuming he sleeps at least 6, that's 74 per hour for the 18 hours he's awake. But he's in school, so he can't be texting that whole time.

That means that during the hours when he can be texting, he must be sending/receiving over 90 per minute. Can they really type that fast? My thumbs hurt just thinking about it. (PS. At ten cents a text, that's $4000. I hope he has a job.)

Anyway, I don't text nearly that much, and what I usually get from my kids are photos. Today I got several from my daughters:

Deb is the shoe-lover in the family. She never can resist a cute pair of wedges.

Abbie loves purses, the funkier the better. Leah sent her this adorable clutch, and she was so excited she had to send me a picture.

That all got me thinking about how much I love having daughters. Deb is such a good mama already.

I have so much fun with my girls. We love to shop, eat at Chipotle, or just pile on my bed and talk and laugh. I love the people they have become, and I'm so thankful I was able to stay home with them all through their growing-up years. Their daddy knew how important it was.

What a blessing it is to be a mom.

Be thankful ~


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