Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oops. The rest of day 5.

The last post was supposed to be Day 5. I was just so excited about getting photos of the dolphins, I forgot. Forgive me.

I got this shot of a seagull on the dolphin cruise.

Here's the rest of the day.

Sunset in Destin.

I really like this one. The calm of sunset, the movement of the water, the random person. It was a total accident. I am nothing if not a pathetic photographer. Anything that looks good is completely unintended.

This one's for Abbie, who loves tie-dye in any form. We saw these girls playing cards on the beach and I just had to get their picture. Aren't the pants awesome?

Okay, now the day is really over. We're watching The Bourne Supremacy with way too many commercials. Tomorrow we fly and get to see our family.

Be thankful ~


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