Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 3, Monday.

Look at me, putting day 3 up here already and it's not even over yet! Maybe I shouldn't do that . . . what if something exciting happens?

We are, really, probably the most boring vacationers ever. We sleep, we read, we lie on the beach and go for long walks, shower, watch a movie, and go to bed. We get really excited when we find a place with great blackened fish and fries, and see dolphins playing just off the  beach. Throw in a really big blue heron, and our day is made.

This day began by sleeping until it was light outside. That's enough to make me happy. Went downstairs to the free breakfast and ate our morning usual—Raisin Bran (I told you we were boring). Then went for the big guns:

Now we're really having fun.

Ben's taking a class back at home, so he had some reading to do. I read another 6 chapters in
2 Chronicles, a bunch of blogs, and more of The Blind Side (my vacation book—and no, I haven't seen the movie yet. I'd rather read a book than see a movie any day. Except for A Few Good Men. You just don't get the full effect without seeing Jack Nicholson sneer at Tom Cruise in his summer whites).

Where was I?

Oh, yes. We were reading. Anyway, Ben decided he'd had enough of Management Essentials, so we packed up and headed for the beach. Doused ourselves in sunscreen and I took a nap while Ben spent $2 million. Defense contractors don't ever stop spending your tax dollars—not even for gorgeous beach days.

Shortly after the expenditure, we spotted dolphins offshore again. This time I was ready with Leah's awesome camera with the great zoom lens:

As you can see, there is not one shred of evidence of dolphins in these photos. I'll try again tomorrow.

Had lunch at the Whale's Tail, went for a very long walk, and came home. Showered, and here we are, reading again. Ben has to finish a chapter and take an online quiz tonight. I'm going to see what movies are on.

Excitement reigns. But we're  relaxing, so it's all good.

Be thankful ~


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