Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This just in from the National Weather Service:

On the heels of the snowstorm that dropped up to 5 inches on the area overnight, the National Weather Service Wednesday afternoon issued a Winter Storm Watch for Washington and its surrounding counties, saying that it is "likely" 12 or more inches of snow will fall on the region between Friday morning through Saturday night. 

The warning also said there is a "good chance" that some parts of the area will see up to 20 inches of the white stuff, and compared the potential snowfall of this system to that of the record-setting storm that disrupted the city with 20 inches or more of snow last December. The NWS expects the snow to being falling late Friday morning, and to plan for "substantial disruptions" in travel around the Washington and Baltimore areas this weekend. 

Shoot me.

Be thankful ~


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