Thursday, February 25, 2010

The good things about today.

1. I slept like a baby last night, and that always makes for a good next day. I think it was the combination of staying up reading until 11:30 and the lavender oil, which always helps me sleep better. I don't know why I ever forget it!

2. I got almost all of my work finished and sent. That hasn't happened much lately. And then one of my co-workers sent me another document for editing along with a note saying she was afraid I'd run out of things to edit, and I don't know why, but I cracked up over that. I love my co-workers. They make me smile, and from what I hear, that's not how a lot of co-workers are.

3. I went to Pilates and came home sore and tired, and that's a good workout.

4. My friend, Joy, sent me a cheat-sheet of keyboard short-cuts for the Mac. I printed it and keep it on my desk. You know how they say everything's easier on a Mac? It's true. Once you learn the short-cuts, it really is easier. Getting used to the Mac reminds me of what they told me when I first got my no-line bifocals: Give it a FULL two weeks. And after two weeks I love both of them.

5. Elijah and I got a bunch of books and bookcases moved today, and his room is starting to look better.

6. We did NOT get the snow that headed north.

7. Abbie sent me photos of her latest drawings. Her art teacher sent them to Starbucks to draw:


Not bad for an hour's worth of drawing.

Be thankful ~


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