Friday, February 26, 2010

This is the last thing I thought I'd be telling you today.

Sounds like deja vu all over again, doesn't it? Last time I said this, I reported that one of our cars had been stolen right out of the driveway while we slept.

Thankfully, that's not the case this time.

I got up ready to work early this morning. I was in the kitchen pouring my coffee when the phone rang at 7 am. When I answered it, a male voice on the other end asked for my son, Mike, by his full name.

I told him Mike was in boot camp at the moment and couldn't come to the phone. The voice asked for Ben. I told him Ben was on his way home from a business trip, and that I was the next best thing to either of them.

He told me he was from the ****** County Sheriff's Department, and asked if we were missing a gold Taurus. I may have blown out his eardrum with my response. He cheerfully told me they had recovered it parked outside a room at the Ramada Inn up in town. We never did get the full story, but they have a suspect and are "working on it." I can tell you this much. The guy is short and Catholic. The seat and  mirrors were all adjusted for someone shorter than me (5'7"), and there were rosary beads hanging on the mirror.

Isn't that nice? Steal my car and then pray for God to bless it.


So Elijah and I went up and claimed the car, which has no noticeable damage. He burned most of a tank of gas, but at least he had the decency not to smoke in it. Ben's sunglasses were still in it, as were Mike's big umbrella, camp chair, and a few books in the trunk. I guess our thief doesn't enjoy books on politics and economics either.

But all's well that ends well, so long as the guy goes to jail. Ben wants to go visit and preach the gospel to him. I can't imagine what I would say to someone who stole my car. What would you say?

Be thankful ~


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