Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday update.

My word, I think it's been at least a WEEK since you've seen a picture of Sticky Bean! Why didn't someone REMIND me?? This one was taken by Leah when we were at Deb's house in December.


 News is the Bean is almost crawling, but would still rather be crabby than actually DO it.

We spent the day at home since the roads were so bad. Once again, our county snowplows came in the middle of the night and plowed one lane through the subdivision, but at least they didn't get stuck in the cul-de-sac this time. Ben and the boys dug most of the cars out, so those who have work tomorrow can go. 

I got a lot of paperwork-type stuff done today. Paying bills, budgeting stuff, tax prep. Every year I wonder if it can possibly get more complicated, and it never disappoints me. This year there are things I just have no idea what to do with—I love my tax lady. And I didn't cook a single meal. Every once in a while that's really nice. So while I got a lot done, I kind of feel like I had an off day, and I'm ready to tackle tomorrow. 

Be thankful ~


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