Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The cure for the clicking.

I just found out that when you inadvertently hit enter, your blog entry posts with nothing but a title. Smart.

So remember the clicking fan that was just short of catching fire and burning the house down? Ben hung a big sign on the wall switch last night that said, "DO NOT TURN FAN ON." Then today he came home early with a new fan, which is lovely because the one that almost caught fire was a hideous '80s model - white with gold trim. Really, it was awful, and we're not sorry to see it go, except that the new one was expensive. But hey, all in the name of not burning the house down, right?

While Ben and Elijah were taking the old one out and installing the new one, I was busy with my own activity, namely setting up a new printer to replace the one that died one day after I put all new ink cartridges in it.Of course. And since the old one only lasted a year, do I really want another one of those? Nyet.

So I stopped at Best Buy on the way home from picking up the car that had a transmission flush (yes, our bank account is a hemhorrage), and bought a new printer/scanner/copier. Wouldn't you think that if you pay that much money for an electronic gadget, it would come with the proper plugs? But no. You also have to buy a USB cable, which I'm sure I have at home, but will never find until I go buy a new one. So I decided to be smart and buy it while I was there, to save myself a trip.

Except that I bought the wrong kind. I needed an A-B one. I came home with either an A-A or a B-B, I'm not sure which, because the ends aren't labeled. I just know it didn't work. Back to Best Buy to get an A-B cable.

I walk in the door and Ben says, "I tried to call you while you were out to stop at Lowe's for me."

*sigh* Have I mentioned I'm deaf? I stick my cell phone in my purse and it's just muffled enough that I don't hear it. I've tried keeping it in my pocket, but it doesn't vibrate hard enough to feel it. I will not use a bluetooth. People give me the creeps when they walk around stores talking to no one (no offense if you do that—I just couldn't do it myself).

So I went back to Lowe's for the part Ben needed, had a lovely conversation with four male Lowe's employees who insisted that the sheetrock in my living room ceiling was going to hold up a 70-lb. fan (can you see my eyes rolling?), and came home with the requested part. When I walked in the living room, the fan was assembled on the floor.

It's massive. 70 inches in diameter. That's almost 6 feet.

I said, "Honey, is it going to blow us off the couch?"

He replied, "Maybe, it's sure going to move some heat around!"

And so far, it's doing the job quite nicely. And it's pretty! And the house isn't burning down!

It's been a good day.

Be thankful ~


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