Thursday, December 10, 2009

Finally caught up. Yeah, right.

This morning I was putting laundry in the dryer and thought, "If I just work another two hours today, I'll be caught up." Then I thought, "Who am I kidding?"

Caught up is a fictional ideal which is unrealistic and stress-inducing. Caught up never lasts for more than 12 hours. If I finish the laundry today and get caught up, tomorrow morning there will be two baskets full waiting to be washed. If I edit four hours every day, I will wake up the next morning four hours behind. If I come home with two weeks' worth of groceries, in 10 days people will be wandering around aimlessly wondering what to eat. If I vacuum up all the dog hair, Pete will get out of his crate and shake one time, distributing brindle fur to the four corners of the house.

Ben probably thinks," I'll change the oil in my car, and there will be six more that need an oil change." (That's no exaggeration.) "I'll get this tuition bill paid, and there will be 14 more tuition bills." (At least there's an end to the children going to college, so we know this is a finite number.)

I guess this is why we get up and go back to work every day.

I have done so much work today my eyes are not focusing, and I'm not even kidding. Almost 6 hours of work in one day, learning more about Amelia Earhart than you ever wanted to know! And I even whipped out some stoichiometry with the man-boy in addition to baking bread and making a big pot of soup to share with my neighbor who broke her femur and had a rod put in it on Sunday and came home from the hospital today. *big breath* How's that for productivity?

I found the cutest chair on craigslist today. It's part of a set with a matching sofa, but I don't want the sofa. Just the cool chair. I emailed the owner and asked if he/she would be willing to sell just the chair, but haven't heard back yet. I really hope he/she will sell them separately. What do you think?

The spot of light on the seat isn't a spot. It's just in the photo. I LOVE this chair and really want it. I'm actually considering buying the set and selling the couch. Tune in tomorrow to see how the drama unfolds.

Off to fold laundry and get ready for church.

Be thankful ~


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Catherine said...

Very interesting chair -- love the colors and the style!

I think "caught up" is a state of mind rather than an actual fact.