Saturday, October 24, 2009

The disturbing stat counter, and is soccer season over yet?

Stat counters are not necessarily good. Sometimes you find out information that would be better left un-found. Like these:

1. Someone from Hanoi (that's Vietnam) found my blog by Googling "my party college blogspot." Well, yes, because everyone knows the wild parties are at my house. Just make sure you're gone by 9 pm, because that's when the party animals go to bed.

2. Two people have found my blog by Googling "nothing wrong with me that ice cream can't fix." Now that's more like it. I bet they go to bed early too.

One Googled "cast on her" (sounds like a hex), one tried "barefoot bride photo," and one used (in all caps) "I'M TIRED OF THINKING." I don't even know how to respond to that, except with a hearty AMEN!.

In other riveting news, Man-boy  is preparing to play in a soccer tournament near Chattanooga in a few weeks. He's traveling down with a family in our church, and that seems to be all he thinks about. Here's an example from yesterday's chemistry lesson:

Me: Tell me whether the following compounds are ionic or covalent.

Man-boy: (interrupting) Ok, but first, are we leaving on the 3rd, or does the tournament start on the 3rd?

Me: I don't know. Sodium Chloride.

M/B: Ionic. But haven't you talked to Mrs. L. about it yet?

Me: No. Phosphorus trihydride.

M/B: Covalent. Do you remember I need shin guards?

Me: Yes. Aluminum oxide.

M/B: Ionic. Is Pastor W. sending my jersey here or do I get it there?

Me: I didn't ask. Nitrogen trihydride.

M/B: (impatient) Covalent! What if it doesn't get here in time?!

It's a battle of wills, a war between two sets of tunnel vision. Who will win? The chemistry or the soccer? I refuse to give in and start throwing compounds out there faster than he can answer.

Me: Barium oxide! Sulfur trioxide! Potassium chloride! Hydrogen monochloride!

Man-boy cries uncle and the phone rings. It's his friend, JJ, who wants to get together to practice. Man-boy gives me a pleading look (anything but chemistry!). I agree to meet JJ and his family at the park for the much-needed PT.  Read the outcome of their practice here. I'm confident chemistry will win in the end,even if it takes a few years.

Be thankful ~


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