Friday, October 23, 2009

More from Sticky Bean, and Man-boy makes a decision.

Sticky Bean has learned that if he squeals, he gets even more attention. I can't tell if this is a happy squeal or a mad squeal:

It looks almost panicky. So often when I see these pictures of him, I wonder if this is the way God views us. Is he the patient Grandfather sitting up in heaven laughing at how silly we are? Does He laugh at our intolerance? Does He shake his head at our demanding squeals? Does He think we're just little children, and hope that someday we'll learn not to act like that?

I am pretty swamped with work these days, so in the name of increasing my productivity, Elijah and I went to the park today. It was a perfect fall day—sunny and 75°. The leaves are starting to change and there was a little breeze. Just lovely. We met a family from our church there; Elijah and their sons, JJ and Jesse, play soccer together. The dad, Juan, is a Marine who recently came home after many months in Iraq. An older son is still over there.

Elijah thought the boys would just have a fun time kicking the ball around, but Juan had other ideas (always the Marine). While Niriel and I went for a three-mile walk and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful day, Juan became the training instructor. The boys are playing in a tournament in Chattanooga in two weeks, and he decided they needed to get in good shape and do some drills. They ran. They did sprints. They did sprints while dribbling. They passed. They took shots. All without stopping. With Marines, there is no standing around, no getting your breath. If one of the boys had to chase down a ball and tried to walk, Juan made them run. And he ran with them. Everything they did, he did.

Niriel and I got back from our walk just as they were taking the last few shots. The boys dragged themselves off the field, dripping sweat and gasping for air. Juan came trotting over, took one breath, and said, smiling, "That was a good little PT session!"

Elijah informed me on the way home that he would never become a Marine. I think college is looking better all the time.

Be thankful ~


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Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

That picture of Sticky Bean (where did that name come from, anyway?) is hilarious. I was thinking panicked when I first saw it too.

I'm quite sure I've gotten an eye roll or two from heaven over my childish behavior. I'm just sayin.

And I think I'd prefer college to the "little" PT session. Ugh.