Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I am hoping above all hope that this video will finally work. I've been trying since June to get it uploaded to vimeo, and for whatever random reason, today it worked.

This is the slide show our children made for us for our 25th anniversary in June. If you don't know us well, you may not get some of the jokes. The twilight zone was the house in Tennessee we bought. Actually, it was a bomb shelter set into the side of a hill on six acres. We bought it, dug it out, and converted it to a house. Six months of living in our friends' basement (with their five kids and our five kids--seriously, at least 14 people for every meal), and we finally moved into it. One year later we moved back to civilization.

The photos from DC were taken the first year we lived in Northern Virginia. 23 friends came from Tennessee to spend Thanksgiving with us, and we took them all to DC on Black Friday, which it turns out, is a very good day to go sightseeing.

Please don't notice the hideous parade of glasses we wore over the years. What were we thinking??

I still cry every time I watch this. The first picture of the grandbaby gets me every time. And sometimes the one of the daughter getting married. If you're sappy like me, get a tissue.

Here it is.

Be thankful ~


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The Johnsons said...

What an awesome video and example for all us young people coming up! Way to go! Thanks for all you are and everything you've done!!!