Saturday, November 29, 2008


No more central draft! We are finally getting a woodstove! Actually, we've had one all along, but it's been in the garage waiting for the arrival of the stovepipe that goes through the ceiling and attic and out the roof. Yesterday the boys started by putting up concrete board in the corner to deflect heat and to have something to attach the stone to, whenever it comes in. We've decided not to wait for the stone, however, since our heat bills generally run around $400 a month and we have massive amounts of dry firewood in the back yard. So while it may not look pretty, it will be toasty warm in here. And that's what really matters.

Here they are putting up the concrete backer board:

And here they are putting the box through the ceiling. I don't know why Ben gets on a ladder - Mike could stand there and hold it.

Fitting the pipe in place:

And here's Mike on the roof installing the support for the whole thing:

I'll post more pictures when we get the stone done - I'm thinking it will be downright beautiful.

Be thankful ~



Deb said...

Yippee for the woodstove! And a fire actually burning in it! We finally got some wood yesterday (after two days without). I told David I felt warmer as soon as I saw the flames:) Now who do I get that from? He rolled his eyes. Enjoy the warmth!

Mostly Sunny said...

My parents had a wood stove in our basement while I was growing up, and we kept our thermostats pretty much off all winter. It was marvelous and heated the whole house!