Sunday, November 30, 2008

My peeps are having a bang-up long weekend. Not only have they given us fire like true cave-men, they have drastically enlarged my garden. Now it awaits fresh manure which will simmer all winter and be lovely, dark-brown dirt by spring. I can't wait.

In appreciation of their hard work, I try to cook dinners they love. Last night I made a Thanksgiving-dinner-in-a-pan, a casserole of layers. First is the sausage and apple stuffing (StoveTop will NOT do), then turkey, then a drizzle of gravy, all topped with mashed potatoes. I wasn't sure they were really going to like this, but here's what the dish looked like after supper:

We've decided to go buy another turkey to fry, just so we can make this casserole again. The sausage and apple stuffing is my mother's recipe - if you want it, I'll share. Honestly, the boxed kind just can't compare.
Anyway, since it was such a hit, I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to match that performance at tonight's dinner. Any brilliant ideas?
Be thankful ~

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Catherine said...

I envy you your large garden - when I retire and am home during the summer, I'll get to have a garden again. What will you be growing next year?

And yes, I want your mom's stuffing recipe. Maybe I can adapt it to gluten-free so that Tim can eat it, too?