Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Maybe I should stick to doing laundry.

I'm on a bleach binge. I just can't stop thinking about the mold in my washing machine.

Saturday I bought Affresh, a product which is supposed to strip the scunge (that's a technical term) from the innards of front-load washers. It says to use one tablet in a hot water cycle. I used three. So far it smells fine; we'll see how long it lasts.

So now I'm obsessing about the spores which are no doubt stuck in all my laundry. Today I took everything off the bed - sheets, mattress pad, blankets, everything - and washed it all with bleach. I'm not sure if my septic system will recover, but my bed sure smells nice and I'll sleep better tonight. Hopefully without any more dreams about giving birth to corny pop stars.

In other not-so-fascinating news, I made a different kind of enchiladas tonight. Try to contain your excitement. I usually make the kind with chicken and refried beans, with enchilada sauce and cheese on top. Abbie loves these and begs for them all the time. So when she asked what I was making and I replied, "Enchiladas," she was thrilled. When she came in the kitchen a little later and saw the pan full of the chicken and cheese kind with a creamy-cheesy-with-green-chilis sauce, she said with obvious feelings of impending doom, "What have you done?"

I might have launched into a dramatic rant describing the don't ever change anything always make everything the same way don't ever try a new recipe the old one was the way we like it and we don't ever want anything to be different mentality toward food in our house. In all fairness, Ben has been positive about my trying new things, and has even liked some of them. But according to most of the family members, WE DON'T CHANGE THE ENCHILADA RECIPE. OK. Back to boring.

In my mind, trying a new recipe is like moving the furniture. I get tired of the same old same old and just need a change. I started to tell Abbie that when SHE was a mom, she would get tired of cooking the same things all the time and would. . . and she interrupted me to say, "But I will NEVER change the ENCHILADAS!"

Whatever. Call me in 20 years and we'll talk about it.

But I liked the new recipe, and so did Elijah. I'm not sure if Ben will or not. It does have cheese which is a favorite of his, but sometimes I can't tell how he'll react. Abbie reluctantly told me, "Well, they're not disgusting."

A rousing endorsement.

Be thankful ~



Gwendolyn said...

Ha! Your children sound like mine. My youngest has gotten ridiculously picky. Tonight he asked me what was for dinner, and when I told him I had made spaghetti, he said, "And what did you make for me?"
Um...spaghetti? Cue my mother's voice in my head saying, "Do I look like a short-order cook to you?"

Deb said...

I like new enchiladas! But the old ones are what I compare new recipes to. We can't help it. You've spoiled us with your amazing cooking:)