Monday, September 15, 2008

Clearly, psychoanalysis is needed.

My first thought this morning was one of horror mixed with laughter.

The dream I had just before I woke up was this: I was pregnant.

Now you could stop right there and it would be bad enough. But wait, there's more.

I was pregnant with twins. Twin girls, to be exact.

And I was in labor. And the only one home to help me was my 15 year old son, Elijah.

Yes, this is really bad, but believe it or not, it gets even worse.

I delivered the first girl and she was pretty normal - red, wrinkly, crying.

Here's where the dream takes a bizarre turn.

The second baby born looked like a poster-image of Hannah Montana, complete with fake-highlighted hair.

Help me.

Be thankful ~



Anonymous said...

LOL. I dream that I'm pregnant all the time, and in the dreams I'm always telling people that it is IMPOSSIBLE because I can't have anymore children, and no one believes me. Oddly, I never actually HAVE the baby in the dream. But I am thankful that I don't dream that I give birth to Hannah Montana. :o)

Just watch...tonight I will.

daniel said...

no comment......

Nicole said...

LOL! That's funny!

Deb said...

And isn't it funny the news you got the next day?!?