Friday, September 19, 2008

Like Picasso, only without the freak show.

Abbie started college this year. She is taking most of her classes at the local community college, and English 111 at VBC which is a ministry of our church. Her community college classes are math, psychology, weightlifting, and drawing. Her long-term goal is to teach art. She has always been artsy, and I figured out pretty early that she was very right-brained. She's never had any formal training, but has always done lots of creative stuff. So we were interested to see what would happen in the drawing class.

She has far surpassed our hopes for her. Here's her first charcoal drawing:

Even her teacher is impressed. I have no idea where this girl got her talent. Her daddy and I have trouble drawing stick men, so it's certainly not in the DNA.
I'll have her start signing her works and we'll put them on ebay. That's one way to pay for college!
And I made it through an entire post without mentioning Sticky Bean one time! Or the fact that I'm going to be a grandma! A GRANDMA!
Be thankful ~


Gwendolyn said...

That drawing is BEAUTIFUL! You've got a very talented daughter. :o)

Daniel said...

charcoal huh cool i never tried that but it looks good tell Abbie well done!

JenIG said...

yes, i know you're a grandma! i left you a comment, silly.
: ) are already getting "Gramma Brain".

CONGRATS AGAIN!!! i am *so* very excited for you!

Lisa said...

Beautiful drawing!! Oh, and belated congratulations on the impending Sticky Bean!! How exciting!!!

Brother Ben said...

I can draw stickmen, thank you very much... It'a a box I have trouble drawing. LU Daddy

Jessica Courter said...

Wow!! Great Job Ab!