Saturday, July 26, 2008

How many pictures did they take?

This just in - I have finally figured out how to get pictures from the SD card to the computer to a CD. I'm sure that sounds simple to most of you, but believe me when I say that computers and I don't get along, except in the most basic of senses.

Part of my problem is that on their recent trip to Romania, Abbie and Elijah took over 1200 pictures. That requires splitting of folders since you can only get so many photos on one CD. But I persevered and, while I may have done it the long way, I can say I did it without help.

Next time I'm calling tech support. In other words, Mike.

Anyway, I thought I'd share just a small fraction of the pics from their trip with you.

Here they are at the gates of Buckingham Palace. Their layover in London allowed them a few hours to see the sights before going on to Budapest, Hungary.

With Big Ben:

At some castle in Budapest (I think):
After hiking up a very steep hill in Romania at Camp Joy:

I could have put more pictures up here, but quite honestly, I got tired of looking at them. 1200 is a lot of pictures!

Be thankful ~


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LizardTales said...

I Never get tired of looking at pictures. It gives me the whole picture of where they have been.
Each picture is worth a thousand words~ Hard to describe unless you have been there. But, the picture will have to do.

Have fun looking!
Our kids are growing up!