Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The pre-school. Maybe we need milkbones.

One more observation from the pre-school, then I promise I'll shut up about it.

Yesterday I realized my dog is better trained than my two- and three-year-olds. How sad is that? Sad for the kids since it's not their fault, and sadder still that the parents aren't willing to put any effort into making their kids behave decently.

So if you send your kids to pre-school, keep in mind that the teacher may have a completely average dog with whom she will inevitably compare your children, and try to love your kids enough to at least teach them sit and stay.

Abbie and Elijah have been in Romania with our teen group for the last week and a half. They worked with our missionary there last week, and this week they are at Camp Joy - a summer camp for kids and teens. Big fun.

So far their living quarters have been infested with fleas so they're all covered in bites, Abbie got hives from the bug spray, Rachel had a bad reaction to the anti-itch medicine, and Russell broke his finger badly enough to require surgery.

I'm thinking somebody needs to start playing the glad game (Hey, that's another movie I loved - The Parent Trap - but I prefer the new one).

edited: OK, so it's not the Parent Trap - it's Pollyanna. I'm abysmal with movies.

Abbie says she looks like she has the plague. I think it's good for them to serve under adverse conditions. You know, the old character thing and all. They used to hate when I said that, but now that they're older they know it's true.

So if you think of them this week, would you pray for them. They could use it.

Be thankful ~



Modlmy said...

actually the glad game was from Pollyanna, but the main character is the same person - Hailey Mills.

JenIG said...

that sounds like a neat experience for them! i will try and remember to pray. i am usually good at remembering to pray when i say i will, but i don't want to be a liar.
: )