Friday, June 27, 2008

OK, I lied. One more.

If you had been a fly on the wall in my pre-school room yesterday at naptime, this is what you would have heard:

I need to go potty. Yeah, except that you just went 25 seconds ago.

I'm thirsty. No drinks.

I have an itchy. ???

Can I have a band-aid? No.

I can't find my lulu. (That's an old cloth diaper which is held near the face and rubbed on the cheek during naptime.) He can't find it because it's tangled in with the thirteen pillows and blankets his mommy so wisely sends each day for me to fold up and cram in his backpack after naptime while getting everyone to potty and get a drink and get ready for early dismissal in the gym.

T. won't stop looking at me. Close your eyes and you won't see him.

B's snoring. He always does. He's perpetually congested, bless his heart. We've used an entire box of tissues this week and the sore under his nose won't heal.

I want my mommy.

Me too.

Be thankful ~



Jessica Courter said...

Oh! Reading these posts have been a hoot!!! (almost remind me of home... :)
I wanted to let you know I tagged you at my blog :) go there for more info!

Krystina said...

you knew i worked in that preschool for a while when i was still living at home, right? i definitely remember nap time, and i can almost tell who said what...