Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ye have not because ye ask not.

To use one of Ben's phrases, "My stress meter is pegging."

I'm having one of those weeks where, the farther into it I go, the longer my to-do list gets, and the less time I have to get it all accomplished. The big thing for the week is Mike's graduation from James Madison University on Saturday. Now you know my family's reputation for events that are held outside, right? It rains. Well, all week we've been checking the weather forecast and it has said thunderstorms for Saturday. 80% chance. It figures. And somehow, in my twisted, everything-is-my-fault universe, I should be able to do something about it. The day would be ruined and everyone would be miserable, and it would be my fault for inviting them. Somebody psychoanalyze me.

So last night Ben could tell I was stressing and we sat down to talk about it. He asked if I thought God couldn't handle the weather (which He obviously can), and said he would pray about it with me. He tried to encourage me that yes, God COULD take care of this for us if we would just pray and ASK. Then he got excited and said, "And you could BLOG about it! Wouldn't that be a great blog??!"

We went to bed. I prayed before I fell asleep. Ben did too.

This morning? The forecast for Saturday has been changed to cloudy.

So I am here to officially give all the glory to the Lord. Good job, God.

Be thankful ~


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