Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Calgon, take me away!

So you think you're just going to swing in for a state inspection on your car and swing right out again.

Oh, no.

One lower control arm, two tires, an alignment and $500 later, I do have a sticker on it. Why did we move to Virginia?

But while I was in the waiting room (for 3 1/2 hours) a lady came in with a little boy who she babysits. She was also accompanied by an older lady who I assumed was her mother. Somehow, in the course of the one hour she was there, I found out the lady is a full-time daycare provider. She only had the one little boy today because the other children she kept (both from one family) were taken away from her "for no reason at all" the other day. The mother won't talk to her, won't give her an excuse, won't return her calls. Then I found out the elderly lady is the mother of a friend who has alzheimer's (the mother, not the friend), so this lady takes care of her during the day. Imagine that - being a daycare provider for tots and elders at the same time. Then somehow, please don't ask me why, this lady started telling me about getting her first mammogram yesterday. She described the process (like I'd never been through it) and exclaimed that it really didn't hurt as much as she thought it would. She went through this whole description at full volume in a waiting room full of people. I wanted to shush her! Then she said her friend told her that her first colonoscopy at age 50 would be much worse and she was really worried about that.

Next time I'm taking my book and staying in the car when they jack it up to the ceiling. It's got to be better than reliving mammograms and dreading colonoscopies.

Be thankful ~


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Krystina said...

I worked for a bit in the endoscopy center at Mary Wash. I liked talking to the people as they were coming out of the stuff, let me tell you! One thing 99% of them had in common was, as they were coming out of it, they asked "when is it going to start?" Ah, the wonders of versed and fentanyl, the greatest drugs you'll never remember :)