Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We have quite a confusing heritage.

I was reading a blog today about a woman who traced her family roots all the way back to Adam on All on a two-week free trial. Anyway, she had a bunch of royalty in there somewhere - kings of Sweden or something like that. And that reminded me of a funny.

When Ben gets tired, he becomes quite word-efficient. And hard to understand. So one time, he called our friends Tom and Karen and got their answering machine. It said, "Leave your name and we'll get back to you." Ben took that literally. He said, "It's Ben." That's all. Except that in his uber-efficiency, it sounded more like, "Sben."

We found out later that our friends spent a solid hour listening to that one word over and over, trying to figure out what or who it was. When they finally figured it out, they were all yelling, "Oh!!! IT'S BEN!!!!" and laughing their heads off.

Then "Sben" became a big joke. Tom started introducing him with a Swedish accent as "This is my good friend, Sben!

Then last week Ben and I were out and needed to call Mike at home. When we're out the kids usually screen calls, and don't pick it up until they hear us on the answering machine. So when the machine beeped, Ben said, "Hey Mike, it's Pop." Except that he was being efficient with his words again, and it sounded like "Spop." So what language is that?

Be thankful ~


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Linda said...

Sben sounds Swedish, like Sven! By the way, LOVE your little Yorkie. I have one, too. Zoe.