Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Green, green, green!

OK, so maybe I overdid it just a tad yesterday. Today I am pretty tired and a little sore in the back, probably from the vacuuming of the cars. But boy, those cars look good!

I got my strawberries in the freezer this morning, at least the ones the kids didn't eat while I was cutting them up. I wound up with six quarts to freeze. Yes, TWO QUARTS got eaten while I was cutting.

Got the laundry done, did math with Abbie, swept the dog hair tumbleweeds out of the kitchen and put on some real clothes. Then Abbie informed me that her driving instructor said she couldn't get her license until she was better at pulling out into traffic. She might be just a little hesitant, but with good reason. We live in a very congested area full of idiot drivers. There is much to fear.

So we went out to do errands with Ab driving. I wouldn't tell her anything. I usually coach her as to the best way to go, the easiest way to get out of a certain shopping center, that kind of thing. But not today. She would ask, "Should I turn here or at the next one?" And I would answer, "I don't care. You're the driver."

She loves me.

One of the things I did tell her was that she needed to think about the vehicle she was driving - the Honda, with its powerful V-6 and great pick-up, or the Acura with its mouse-powered 4-cylinder that can't get out of its own way. Today she was driving the Honda.

That girl has been watching too much NASCAR. She would check for traffic and start yelling, "Boogity, boogity, boogity boys! Let's go racing!"

She's good at pulling out now. And scaring the bejeebers out of Mama. And she knows just how much power the Honda has. Which is much more than she needs. But to buy my favor, she took me to lunch at Chipotle and, I'm telling you, that food is incredible!

I'm going to take her racing, er, driving again tomorrow.

Be thankful ~


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eleanor joyce said...

I feel your pain. My oldest daughter gets her permit next month.I'm still reeling from our son's early driving experiences.
Saw your comment on my blog, and just had to tell you I spotted a 1968 Scottie Highlander on our local Craigslist yesterday - turquoise with the striped turquoise/white awning - just the sweetest thing ever. If you want a trip to Pittsburgh to pick it up let me know. $1500 or best offer, which I thought was a pretty sweet deal - still can't afford it though!