Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Money and reality are mutually exclusive.

College graduates are rich. Seriously. Everyone gives you money. Mike and Elijah were looking at some fancy sports car online yesterday and Mike said it sold for over $100,000. I figured if he just graduated a few more times, he could afford it. That's sort of an overstatement, but you get the idea.

So today we were out doing some errands and Mike was going to get a chiropractic adjustment. He handed me his checkbook to put in my purse, but asked me to please not mix it up with mine. His reason? "I'm pretty sure I have a lot more money than you, Mom."

No argument there, Ace - I just got done paying for 5 1/2 years of college tuition. Plus your two sisters who are still going.

But Mike is getting a healthy reality slap in the face. His car needed two new ball joints, bushings on the control arm, and an alignment. HE'S paying.

Sometime in the next few days he will begin his internship with Virginia's Lieutenant Governor, Bill Bolling. He's very excited about it, but he'll be happier when that's done and he can get a paying job.

Elijah is having job-issues too, but that's a different story. The doctor up the street has decided he only wants his grass cut twice a month. This decision came after he had Elijah spread lime and fertilizer. I'm shaking my head at the lack of logic here.

Girls are so easy. They get a summer job at the day camp and everybody's happy. Guys need machines. And tools. And cars. And GAS - oh my, the gas. Maybe it's better that he's only cutting the doctor's grass twice a month. . .

Be thankful ~


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