Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Where not to get your fashion advice.

I just read a post at BigMama's about how her daughter, Caroline, dresses herself in outfits that may or may not be within the standard rules of fashion. That reminded me of when my own girls were little.

They wore the most outlandish things, and combinations of things. We have a picture of Abbie climbing a tree wearing cut-off jeans, a white and orange flowered shirt, red socks and black Mary Janes. Missing her two front teeth, of course. Deb went through a phase where she would only wear skirts and, because it was cold in the winter, she wore several. At one time. She was going for the layered look.

One time we went for a drive to have a picnic on a nice day in the fall and Deb had on her customary three skirts. She had the dog on her lap and Spanky chose that day to suffer from car-sickness. Ben pulled over quickly and wondered aloud what we were going to put on Deb, since the dog had just barfed on her skirt. "That's ok, Daddy," was her cheerful reply as she began peeling off the top layer. "I have two more skirts on."

When Abbie was six, she was skipping across the yard with Leah and tripped over a blade of grass. Because she's graceful like that. She landed on top of her right arm and broke both bones in several places. At the hospital she was lying on the stretcher in the ER and I asked the nurse how they were going to get her dress off before surgery. I suggested they just cut it off, as it was covered in blood anyway. Abbie perked right up and begged, "Noooo! Don't cut my favorite dress!" This from the girl with bones sticking out every which-way, blood all over the front of her, face gray from being in shock. She's always been fashion-conscious.

Still is.
Be thankful ~


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eleanor joyce said...

too funny - and I love the photo. as a mom of 3 girls I can relate! congratulations on the graduate too! hey, i stopped by to tell you about a cool contest that i found, and linked to on my blog. some fun mother's day prizes. have a great weekend. eleanor (it is almost the weekend, right?)