Monday, April 7, 2008

On a serious note.

Remember my friend, Cari, who was in labor for two and a half days and finally had Kaylie? Well, the reason they induced her labor in the first place was that she was showing signs of toxemia, with high blood pressure being the main one. But even after Kaylie was born, Cari had to stay in the hospital for six or seven days because they couldn't get her BP to come down and stay down. They finally found what they thought would be the right meds and let her come home. Well, last night she went back. The meds aren't doing the job and she said her head felt like it would explode. So if you think of it in the next few days, would you pray for Cari? Kaylie is her seventh child, so there's an obvious need at home. She does have two teenage girls who are very good at keeping things going at home, but she is still very much needed, and I know her family will appreciate your prayers. Thanks.

Be thankful ~


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