Sunday, April 6, 2008


Yes, I felt the need for a little mellow in my not-so-mellow life, and since brown is the new black (what does that mean, anyway?), I opted for a little mellow brown. If I were really techno-savvy, I would change the font to comic sans which I just think is so very soothing to look at, but I'm not so I won't. And we'll all just have to be satisfied with it.

And speaking of brown (Don't you love my great transitioning ability? It's a gift.), I have two truckloads of brown in my backyard right now. Brown manure, to be specific. And it is the loveliest manure I have ever gotten! It has very few shavings in it and is already quite broken-down, so it doesn't smell terrible and isn't attracting flies. I will have the most delicious tomatoes, the crispiest, coolest cucumbers, and the most prolific squash plants ever, so this summer when you get a hankerin' (that's a redneck word for desire) for a REAL tomato and cucumber salad, come right here and I will share a picture with you. Or you could drive to my house and get some real-time veggies and make your own, but with gas prices as high as they are, it might be better to just enjoy the pictures. Now if someone wants to develop scratch-n-sniff technology for blogger that would be nifty and I would surely take advantage of it. But until then, I'll take photos and you can drool on your keyboards.

In other terribly uninteresting news, did you know that dogs can get pinkeye? Apparently so, for my dog has it. At the moment we are treating him with artificial tears, but I may see a vet visit in the near future. The tears help, but we can't seem to get rid of it permanently. Along these lines, I have had nightmares about him going blind. Can you picture a 70-pound dog crashing through the house, knocking things to kingdom come? Neither can I. How do you help a blind dog? With a seeing-eye person? And along THOSE lines, I have considered over the years that it might be fun to raise a service dog. I know you have to go through a home study like in adoption, and you have to be able to give the dog up at whatever age they say they want it by (wow, that was terrible sentence structure, but you get my point), but I just think it would be a neat undertaking.


A new look, horse manure, tomato and cucumber salad, doggie pinkeye, and service dogs, all in one post. My friends, that takes talent.

Be thankful ~



Kelsey said...

I just had to comment and say I love your pro-life t-shirt link! I hadnt hear of it before thanks! I got a few shirts:)

carrie said...

sounds like things are really heatin' up!!

Can't wait to see your tomato picks. Mine turn out pretty good usually, but I don't use manure. So I'm sure yours will be lovely.

eleanor joyce said...

Duly impressed with your transitional abilities!Happy gardening!