Monday, April 7, 2008

Maybe I need hotflashes.

OK, so you're probably getting sick of surprises, but the brown was just a wee bit too mellow for me. I'll try green for a while and see how quickly I get tired of it.

Saturday Ben declared we were finished burning a fire in the woodstove for the year. It's been fairly warm-ish, so that if there's a fire going, the temperature in the house approaches 90 and that's just a little too warm. Elijah whoops and hollers when the woodstove gets put to rest because he does most of the wood cutting and hauling. So this morning we got up and it was drizzly and gray and about 50 degrees out. It wasn't much better in the living room, so I turned the heat on. After two hours I realized that, although it was 70 in the house, we were all freezing. Elijah had the hood up on his sweatshirt and was wrapped in a blanket doing math. Abbie went back to bed. The dog was wandering forlornly around the house, stopping at the hearth with every lap, looking for heat. So I declared the previous declaration dead, and we made a fire. Everyone immediately cheered up, the house temp got up to 80+, and life got back to normal. We're so used to great heat, we can't stand the central draft. Give me the dust, give me the woodchips and bark shreds and all the mess that goes with a woodstove, but give me REAL heat!

I think we need to move to south Florida.

Be thankful ~


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Modlmy said...

It was ok...I've played the pieces better than I did today, but the whole panel circled the "approved" part, so that's what counts!