Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hey, I've come up with a name for our camping trip.

OK, well, we're going camping tomorrow. I keep checking the forecast for Cherokee, NC and it keeps saying rain on Friday. That's the day we're supposed to go on this long hike with incredible scenery. I really don't know why this surprises me. I mean, we ARE the Sargents, and it does ALWAYS rain when we go camping. But we're getting a cabin with electricity, so I'm bringing a griddle and probably an electric skillet. I'll have the chili in a crock pot and someone else will bring an electric coffee pot. It will be so. . . UN-camping-like. And how are we supposed to make s'mores? And why didn't we just stay at a hotel with free breakfast and an indoor pool and high-speed internet? Because that wouldn't be CAMPING, and we HAVE to be able to say we went CAMPING. I don't know WHY, I just do what I'm told, so by golly, I am going CAMPING and I will ENJOY it.

I'll take pictures so you can enjoy the Noah Experience with me.

Be thankful ~


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