Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This is not a good sign.

Apparently, the Noah Experience has begun early.

Last night it rained here. Probably in anticipation of us going camping. Why wait, right? Anyway, when Abbie went out to move Ben's car this morning, she came in looking worried and told me, "There's a LAKE sloshing around in Dad's car." I assured her I would go out with a towel to mop it up. She replied, "No, you'll have to BAIL it out." I laughed at her certain exaggeration.

But no. The girl is honest to a fault. It WAS sloshing. It WAS a lake. I DID have to bail it out.

I hauled the shopvac out there and got that baby humming. Vacuumed THREE GALLONS of water out of the passenger side of the car, and I am not making this up. Put the windows down and let the sunshine and breeze do the rest.

Then when I talked to Ben around 5 pm, he said, "You know, the trunk has been getting a little wet lately. Have you looked in there?" You have got to be kidding me.

So after dinner I went out and opened the trunk. Put all the tools back in the garage and felt the carpet. Sure enough, damp, but not soaked by any means. Then I had the thought to lift up the cover on the spare tire well.


The spare tire was about 7/8 submerged in water. Vacuumed another 2 or 3 gallons of water out of it and left the cover in the garage.

Mommy, may I skip this camping trip?

Be thankful ~



Anonymous said...

I used to love to read your blog, but I hate going to individual blogs, waiting for them to load, etc, unless I am going to comment. Since I put your blog on my bloglines reader, all I get is your titles. I have my bloglines marked for complete entries, but I still have to click on your titles to read even the first sentence. So if the title is vague, I rarely open it. Do you have something clicked on your end that will not allow the whole entry to be viewed on a reader? With all my other blogspot people I can at least get several sentences so I can see what the entry is about.


Nicole said...


Can't wait to hear what else happens. :)

Mark said...

a lady at work came in yesterday morning and her husband had left the sunroof open a crack there was a bunch of water in the console and the headliner was soaked I am celebrating national one sentence posts no matter how long it is day today

Rie said...

Yikes...sorry about your car!

Hey, we thought of you today as I made that yummy orange cake recipe you gave me. I always make for birthdays (Haley's birthday today).