Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lovely. . . isn't.

Lovely called me yesterday and I knew as soon as she said, "Mom?" something was wrong. Mothers have the gift of interpretation, you know. So I said, "Are you ok?" and the story came pouring out amidst the tears.

She had been tired the night before when she went to bed. More tired than is normal, but she shrugged it off and slept like a log. Wednesday morning she had trouble even moving. She described it as more tired than she's ever felt. Having trouble just walking. And she's achey - all over. Everything hurts - her joints, her muscles, her skin, her hair. Her hair? But that's what she says. One minute she's sweating, the next she's shivering. I told her it sounded like the flu, drink liquids, rest, blah, blah, blah. Like she could rest with her 21 credits. The girl is psycho.

I called her this morning after her first class and she was on her way to the Health Center. The doc there told her he didn't think she had the flu - no fever. So what were the sweating and shivering about? He thought she might have mono, but testing for it in the first week or so is useless because she hasn't produced any antibodies yet, and that's what they look for - antibodies to the Epstien-Barr Virus. That's what mono is.

So my poor Lovely, isn't. And since E-man and Adorable are going away with the church youth group tonight, I have tomorrow off, so I might just drive up there to U-town and take that girl some chicken soup. Would you pray for her?

Be thankful ~



TobyBo said...

visiting blogs tonight & I have prayed for your Lovely. Hope she is better real soon.

Krystina said...

oh, poor leah. tell her mark and i are praying for her. and let me know know what the test results are.