Monday, December 31, 2007

Lots of heart blessing going on here.

In my effort NOT to make this a political blog, I refrain from most discussions that involve The Tall One, but I just have to share this tidbit of news.

The Tall One is vice-chair of the College Republicans at his University, and at this very moment is in Iowa with the chair of said group, who just happens to be the son of my state's lieutenant governor, stumping for the most electable of the Republican candidates, in my not-so-humble opinion. That would be Mitt Romney. So we spent the last week, aside from slinging paint in the living room and kitchen, outfitting Tall One with suit, grey tweed jacket, several pairs of slacks, new shoes, and wool and cashmere overcoat. Thankfully my mother was here and very kindly offered to buy a goodly portion of it. She understands tuition bills, bless her heart.

So Tall One is campaigning away while I sit at home wringing my hands worrying about snow and ice and flight delays and lost luggage. But my son, he knows me well. He called a few minutes ago to let me know he got there safely and so did his luggage. Bless his heart.

On a completely different note, and only because Adorable has the TV on in the next room and I can hear it, let me ask you this: am I the only one who absolutely loves the show Jon and Kate plus 8? I just LOVE it! Those babies are too cute, bless their little hearts!

Be thankful ~



Mostly Sunny said...

I've seen the show only two times, and it just makes me tired! Ha ha! Makes me glad our 4 are all over 18!!

Kori said...

yeah I can't believe it I used to love it but now its only Kate plus 8. . .:(