Sunday, December 30, 2007

In Which There was Much Slinging of Paint

I'm sure you've read many posts about inspiring, traditional Christmases with big family gatherings, lots of great food, gifts that keep on giving, and all that jazz.

This isn't one of them.

Just in case you were looking for something different, let me share our festive holiday with you.

It began with son Mike and I going to the store for paint on Christmas Eve. I really didn't wonder about this too much. I just do what I'm told. When we got home, Mike stopped short at the front door and said, "Well. I didn't really expect THAT," as he looked in the window.

THAT, it turns out, was a distinct lack of carpet in my living and dining rooms. THAT wouldn't be too bad if we had something to replace it with, but that's neither here nor there. Pete likes subflooring - it's easier to get between his teeth to pull out. But that's neither here nor there either. If that makes sense.

Bright and early Christmas morning when other people were gathered around the tree reading the story of Jesus' birth and opening gifts, we were spreading dropcloths and opening paint cans. And lest you think we are super-weird, let me tell you that this paint job is LONG overdue. We have had a 4x6 foot piece of bare drywall above the fireplace for two years. No sense painting if you can't find the leak, right? And the drought of the last year didn't help. No rain means no leak, but we knew it was there. Lurking. Waiting for us to paint so it could ruin the ceiling again. Well yon leak has been found and repaired, never to plague us again. We hope. So a-painting we will go. And did. Here are the pics to prove it:

Always start with ceilings, that's what the chief painter says. And try to have a 6'4" son who can cut the top without a ladder. It speeds up the process.

Beginning of the walls. Abbie looks unsure. Ben says it's the color of breast-fed-baby-poop. All I can say is, he picked it. I love it. But I'm maternal that way.

And we might as well bust up the tiled foyer while we're demolishing things.

On to the trim. The tall one even does baseboards. What a guy!

The finished product. Now that's what I call making meaningful Christmas memories! I urge you to try it next year!

Another two years and we might get a hardwood floor down. I'll keep you posted.

Be thankful ~



chickadee said...

well that's one way to spend christmas.
glad you had alot of help.

carrie said...

At least you had some help. Usually I do these things myself. I can't wait till the gremlins are old enough to help with this sort of thing!

Mostly Sunny said...

My jack-of-all-trades hubby says that he can't die until all of his projects are done, and at this rate he'll live to 120. Sounds like your family has many more family-bonding-workdays ahead, too! BTW, I love your wall color!!

Anonymous said...

I love it..."I'm maternal that way". LOL By the way, I love the color too, it looks very cozy and inviting. We spent xmas a similar projects. :) I love reading your blog!

Lisa said...

Very nice! Can I borrow your crew when they're done painting your place? Ten years into living at my house, my walls are all boring beige... Mr. Tall wouldn't be intimidated by my 20 foot ceilings, right? Hee hee.