Tuesday, January 1, 2008

He'll never wash that hand again.

Yup. You guessed it. The Tall One met Mitt Romney. Even shook his hand. They were at a "function" together this morning before they sent the volunteers out to knock doors, and Tall One walked right up to ole Mitt and introduced himself. Then he called to tell me about it and I asked if he got a picture taken with him. "No. Why?" he asked. "For my blog!!!!!! Are you crazy, missing an opportunity like that???" See, I learned my lesson with the macaroni disaster. No matter what happens in life, always, ALWAYS stop to take a picture for the blog. I still can't believe he didn't get one. *sigh*

Be thankful ~


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Lisa said...

What, no pictures? What was he thinking? He should learn from your macaroni mistakes! LOL.

Thanks for your nudge, too; my long vacation is over. =)