Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I could do bicep curls with my iron

I am such a loser, but thankfully, my husband's love covers a multitude of loser-ness. Did you ever feel like no matter how much you get done, it's not enough?

I live there.

So last night I was in bed reading and by 8:45 I could not keep my eyes open or hold up my latest copy of National Review, so I turned my light off and was incoherent in seconds. Ben came in a few minutes later to pack his gym bag for the next day and while I wasn't looking, I could tell by the sounds that the ironing board was being taken out to the living room, along with the iron and four shirts sitting on a trunk waiting for attention. I tried to jump out of bed to iron, but my dear gently put me back, kissed me on the head and turned his light off. Now that's a real man. I'm glad he's mine.

Yesterday afternoon Elijah and I went over to the Y and met with a personal trainer. Sue took us around the "wellness room" and set up a personal plan for each of us. Which machine, how much weight, where the seat is set, how many reps. It was fun and we were amazed at how much more weight Elijah can do than I can. Well, Elijah wasn't amazed. He was laughing at me. But I still hold the ace - I do the cooking, so his laughter won't last long. When it comes to teenage boys, he who holds the key to the kitchen laughs last. At the bicep machine, Sue demonstrated how it worked and then put me on it. I did a few curls and remarked, "It feels like too much weight."


Sue answered, "It doesn't GET any lighter."

I have some training to do.

Be thankful ~



carrie said...

don't worry. It's not strength that makes the woman. Patience, longevity, grace are all better things. And the ability to laugh at oneself.

Lisa said...

Bicep curls are the worst! They never make the weights on that machine light enough for chicks!

Don't worry, you'll get there faster than you think. You'll be doing multiple sets... then you'll move up to a higher weight. And you'll wonder why you thought that tiny little weight was so heavy before. Keep at it. It's worth it to build muscle mass -- burns more calories and keeps osteoporosis at bay! (Not that I do anything of the sort...)

Livia said...

Thanks for writing this.