Friday, November 9, 2007

I will NOT use a stupid pun here. . .

Who says living in Northern Virginia is boring? Why, yesterday it was positively delicious.

In one of our legendary traffic backups on I-95, we found out today that the culprit was a trucker driving under the influence of PCP. Here's the story. The driver almost ran over a Honda Civic, veered onto the shoulder, and turned over on the side of the road, spilling his load of pickles and jalapeno peppers. In the end everyone in the four-mile traffic jam was feeling sour. (Sorry, I couldn't help it.) In the three years I've lived here, we've seen trucks hit overpasses, spill HCl, dump a load of pigs, and now pickles. As if our traffic woes weren't bad enough, now we all go home smelling like vinegar and dill. Now let's see, if the pigs and pickles had been dumped at the same time, we could have had an awesome barbecue. How sad that we missed the opportunity!

Be thankful ~


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Lisa said...

Thanks for the laugh! It's been a long day, and I needed one. =)