Thursday, October 4, 2007

OK, so I'm finally getting healthy, getting my energy back, and trying to be normal again. Today Elijah cut the grass and I weeded the front walkway and around the rocks in the ditch. Later I'll spray Round-up so it will stay looking nice until next spring. That walkway is the dumbest design - bricks set in sand - like we couldn't tell the grass and weeds would grow in between them. Duh! At some point I'll rip them out and pour a concrete sidewalk, but I need to get at least one kid out of college first.

I have weird dreams, and quite often. The latest was last night. I dreamed I went to visit Jen and Coie Ig, whom I've never met but whose blogs I read. They live in TN, about 7 hours from me. So I dreamed I decided to go visit them and it only took an hour to get there, and when I did, Coie wouldn't answer the door because she didn't know me. Not as strange as the ferrets-in-chocolate dream, but seriously, is this what's really in my sub-conscious mind? That's scary.

I finally found a pair of jeans that fits me perfectly. Perfect rise, perfect wash, not too tight, but they are too long. And then I remembered what Stacy and Clinton always say - the tailor is your friend! So I'm taking them to be hemmed today and I'll be a happy camper.

Pete has graduated to staying in the laundry room when we go out rather than being put in his crate. We did a few trial runs and he's done very well - no chewing, no escaping. I think the worst is behind us. I was out walking him the other day when my neighbor passed us on the road. She stopped and asked, "Do y'all take him to obedience school? He walks so nicely with you!" to which I answered, "No, that prong collar pinching his neck is very motivating." Maybe that's what I need for my neighbor's kid. . .

Be thankful ~



kristarella said...

I passing a well deserved award along. I just love your sense of humor. Come on by and check it out!

JenIG said...

that reminds me... i keep forgetting to remember to tell you that you REALLY ought to come down for the Civil War dance in Abingdon, VA