Sunday, September 30, 2007

On Forks and Gnats

Just in case any of you ever felt sorry for yourselves with a houseful of boys or toddlers or whatever your current difficulty, take a look at these pictures at my friend Liz's blog. Her friend has four boys. The first few are not so bad, but that last one made me gasp right out loud! Show your children so they understand you are serious when you tell them not to run with a fork or scissors or knife. Bless his heart!

And then go over to MamaLaw and share your stories of horrible messes your kids have gotten into. You might win a cookie-baking kit.

And then help me figure out how to rid my house of gnats. This all started when Ben became the official botanist at his last place of employment. He had an office on the 12th floor with a great view of the Washington Monument and one entire wall was window, hence many, many plants. Seriously, it was like a jungle in there. Then a buddy brought him one little jade plant which just happened to be infested with gnats and, before long, all the plants were. Gnats lay their eggs in the soil. They bombed the room several times and it helped some, but still the pesky critters remained. Then Ben left that company and had the brilliant idea to bring all the plants home. God, help him. They aren't really noticeable until you sit down to write at the computer, or read the paper. One gnat will find your head and just hang around. We give new meaning to the biblical phrase straining at a gnat. I've become pretty good at clapping them out of midair, but once in a while I smack myself. I've actually knocked my glasses clean off my face. So what do we do? I hate the thought of spraying poisons in the house, and really like all the plants so I don't want to junk them all, but I'm beginning to think I have no choice. Any suggestions?

And please, go look at the picture of the little boy with a fork in his nose - and show your kids.

Be thankful ~


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