Saturday, October 6, 2007

I am happy to say that I have made someone smile. Thanks, Kristarella, for sharing that with me! Of the very few who actually come here and read (other than my family, and they kind of have to), it's nice to know someone's enjoying it. I do realize I'm not the most entertaining person in the blogosphere, and sometimes I go for days without having a write-worthy thought. But if I'm going to tell my children they have to practice writing, I guess I'd better do the same.

I have really been enjoying the fashion advice being dispensed by Bigmama and Boomama, and I get the sense they are friends, or at least know each other pretty well. In any case, they are both pretty entertaining, much more so than I am, bless my heart, so go read what they have to say. And Justice Fergie over at Mamalaw is doing a series on essential wardrobe items. I wonder if she includes a set of "fat clothes?"

And speaking of fat clothes, I think I'm being watched. Yesterday my mail included a postcard from the local Curves asking for volunteers for a 21-day fitness work-up. Somehow they know I have stopped walking and in a mere three weeks am dreadfully out of shape. And how come it takes six weeks of walking to get in shape and only three to turn into a porker? But since Pete is my workout buddy, I guess I'll just hit the road again, and forego the Curves invitation. I'll let you know how it goes. But only if it goes well.

Be thankful ~



Jeana said...

I just adore Boo and Big. Or, as I like to affectionately call them, the BMs.

carrielouise said...

you're such a nice person how can anyone not smile at your stuff?