Monday, October 8, 2007

Oh. My. Word. I just signed in here to write a new post and in the split second before I clicked "sign in" I saw random blog names being flashed at the top left of my screen and one of them was Enema Fun. I am not kidding. I don't even know what to think about that, except not to. So, on to other equally unimportant drivel.

Saturday we went to our church school's last home soccer game of the year and it was a real bless their hearts day. Not our team's, but the other one. They drove something like 2 hours over the mountains to get here and then got wholloped, 9-0. Three goals in the first ten minutes. I sort of felt sorry for them, but I know that doesn't make a teenage boy feel any better, so I kept my pity to myself. Anyway, our team is now on its (no apostrophe) way to the State Semi-finals. Hoorah for us.

In other news, my mom and dad are moving from their lovely home on the Chesapeake Bay to Front Royal to be closer to my brother, Jim. They are still in very good health, but they're smart enough to know they may need help as they get older, and don't want to make a move when they're not able to enjoy it. So they bought a house and are having the kitchen and one bathroom gutted and completely renovated. My mom is so cute and calls me almost daily with updates about cabinets, the cool refrigerator with two doors and the freezer on the bottom, granite countertops, all the fun stuff that girls like. Anyway, my dad has scads of tools that he's trying to get rid of, so Ben showed up there Saturday with truck and trailer and came home loaded. The prize of the day was a hydraulic log-splitter, but a close second was the pressure washer. I'm excited because the odds of getting my deck washed and stained are much greater now that we don't have to rent a power-tool.

And in yet other news, I have a new favorite magazine - Cooking Light. I picked up a copy two weeks ago when I was sitting in the Rite Aid waiting two hours for my prescription. I love it! I've already used three recipes from that issue and my family loved them all. So give it a try.

And in the most exciting news, the new Kohl's opened right up the road from us. Abbie and I stopped in the other day and it is the nicest, cleanest, happiest place to shop. I just love that store! Now all we need is a Steinmart and life will be complete.

So I'm trying another new recipe tonight - Salmon Chowder. If it's (with an apostrophe) as good as I think it will be, I'll share the recipe.

Be thankful ~


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