Thursday, September 27, 2007

News Headlines

1. I am sick as a dog. I have had a sinus infection for almost 3 weeks now. The first antibiotic prescribed wasn't working, so today I got a different one. Why do we say "sick as a dog?"

2. Ben has taken a new job with his old company. Very long story, but to make it somewhat short, he was driving all the way to Arlington for work and was underpaid. He took a job much closer to home with a big, fat pay raise and was perfectly happy. Then someone from his old company called and almost begged him to come back, gave him yet another raise, and so now he is back to driving the dreaded DC commute. All for the promise of being a PM. You couldn't pay me enough to drive up there every day.

3. I remembered another thing that makes me cringe last night when I was reading the label on a box of Rice Dream milk substitute. It's when people use its incorrectly. Listen, if there's an apostrophe, it says it is. If you can't say it is in the sentence, don't use an apostrophe. Even if your gut tells you to. It's wrong.

Be thankful ~



carrielouise said...

I get very confused about the apostrophe thing. I'll admit it. But possessive apostrophe's, like "Carrie's dog is a sicko because of what he likes to lick on the floor"
would be proper also. Right?

carrielouise said...

Oh yeah, and I hope you get to feeling better! That's yucky.

bensrib said...

Yeah, that's the tricky part. Most possessive nouns have an apostrophe. IT does not. Its is the possessive form (the dog wags its tail). It's means "it is." That's why so many people mess it up.