Wednesday, June 20, 2007

OK, so I gave in and re-filled the hummingbird feeder. I just can't stand the thought of those tiny things flitting around wondering where their favorite food source went. Now how come I feel such compassion for the birds while Pete drives me nuts? No kidding, he wanders from room to room checking out the trash cans. My house is a giant box of Russell Stover's chocolates to him, with a different treat in every room, all of them forbidden. We have chicken flavored bones, beef flavored bones, milk bones, even chocolate flavored bones, but does he want them? Nooooooo. Except when Spanky is chewing one. Then he steals it just to be a toy hog. *sigh*

In other news, I just came from the tire place where I spend an average of $2000 per year (seven vehicles will do that), and found out that I have not one, not two, but, yes folks, THREE screws in one tire. These are the $120 a piece tires that I put on the car last October. I'm telling you, I am the all-time number one champion of getting screws and nails in my tires. I wish I had kept track since I started driving at the age of 17. I bet I've picked up well over 70 nails in my almost-30 years of driving. When we lived in Cane Creek (TN), the Pearls' son-in-law Justin took care of our cars, and I used to give him gifts of tire plug kits because I used all the ones he had in his shop. I'm pathetic. But the guy at the tire place today says it's because of my magnetic personality. I would like to be flattered by that, but it's just so lame it makes me want to cry. So I'm buying another tire today because this one is like swiss cheese and can't be repaired. Don't you feel sorry for me? Do you think I can tell the people in the business office at my kids' university that I can't afford tuition next year because the tire people get all my money?

OK, let's talk about something positive. A few days ago an elderly lady in the church called and asked if Elijah wanted to work with a few other young men spreading mulch at her house today. She ordered 16 yards (about 8 truckloads) and needed it spread in the gardens. She said that another lady had told her that Elijah was a good worker. Now that just thrilled me, because I'm always telling my kids, "Make a good name for yourself," and Elijah obviously has. I'm a proud mama!

Hope your day is happy and you have no nails in your tires!

Be thankful ~


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Carrie said...

Sorry to hear about all the nails. It's a persistent fear of mine to get a flat tire whilst driving along the highway with my kids. I wouldn't know what to do, much less have the money to fix it!