Friday, June 15, 2007

Buffaloes, Wisdom Teeth, and Cockroaches

I just read a beautiful post by JenIg - please go read it. I'd be a buffalo right along with her.

In other news, Leah had her wisdom teeth out this morning and is right now snoring peacefully in her bed with two ice bags tied around her face in an old stocking. She made me promise not to take any pictures, drat her. Tomorrow she should be nice and puffy-cheeked and groggy looking. I'm hoping she won't do the passing-out thing that Deb did last year when she had her wisdom teeth out. That girl couldn't get out of bed for three days without passing out. We had to make sure Mike was here at all times to drag her back to bed. And since Mike is working and Leah is almost 3 inches taller than I, I'm trying to keep her safely in bed. Me trying to carry her would not be a pretty sight.

In still other news, I am completely and totally wigged out by the sight of cockroaches, which I have very thankfully never had in my houses. However, since I hung my hummingbird feeder right outside the glass doors on my deck, I have seen two of the nasty critters on the outside of the door. I really hate to take away the birds' food source, but I absolutely refuse to let roaches come near my house. Please pray for my hummers, that they can find another feeder without too much difficulty.

Be thankful ~


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JenIG said...

:) thanks

and me and coie want to know when your family is going to come out to our farm for a visit? hmmmm? when?