Thursday, June 21, 2007


Just in case you didn't know. . . today was National Flip-flop Day. I found that out quite by accident. See, there was this booth in front of Lowe's and they were giving free "slushies" to everyone who was wearing flip-flops. And I qualified, even though my flip-flops have a big Pete-bite taken out of the toe area. So why don't I replace them, since they're only $2.50 a pair, you ask? I don't know. They're homey and comfortable, and they remind me that I am unconditionally loved by my big, stupid bulldog. Who else would put his mouth on my shoe?

Be thankful ~


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JenIG said...

i think i can safely say with confidence that any of my three boys would be willing to take a bite out of your flip flop. yesterday we caught my seven year old son, dippy, licking the sidewalk. and no, he had no explanation except that he wanted to know what it tasted like.