Friday, January 23, 2015

Update, update, update!

So I figured out (by accident) that my new computer includes a 30-day free trial of Office 365 which is what I use at work. So I downloaded it and *POOF* there's the Word I know and love! PowerPoint! Excel! Outlook! (What's OneNote? Clearly I still have learning to do.)

I'm so excited to be able to edit stuff at home and actually know where the line spacing and margin customizing and table inserting are! You just have no idea. I feel like I'm swooning over a long-lost friend!

Ahem. Sorry.

It's raining. It's going to rain all night and all day tomorrow and then snow on Monday, and that always makes me want to bake. What shall I make?

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Connie said...

Your pumpkin bread. It looks so good and I have never gotten around to making it. Love the Roast Chicken and so does my family. On that note, could you put the recipes back up? Pretty please? Have fun baking :)