Thursday, January 22, 2015

Adjustment is not easy.

So I'm sitting here typing on my new computer because that's all I can figure out how to do.

I've had an old-school MacBook—the white ones, remember those?—for the last five years, and it's been gasping and choking for a few months, so I decided I'd better replace it before disaster struck. And then I decided that I like MS Office programs for PC way better than the ones they write for Macs. There's no comparison really. And since I use Word on a PC at work every day, I've gotten used to where things are. Then I come home and try to do things on my Mac and I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING and oh my word it's the MOST frustrating thing.

So here I am with another PC. Also, it's a very big laptop with a 17" screen. I've gotten used to carrying around a twig and now it's like I have a log.

BUT . . . the biggest thing is Windows 8. Mercy, this is a hot mess. But my brother the techno-geek tells me Windows 10 is coming and it will be free and fix everything that is wrong with Windows 8, which is everything. He describes this as Windoze 8, good for people who only know how to swipe and stab at a screen . . . which now that I think about it, pretty accurately describes me. Except I want a start menu.

I've successfully found the Control Panel, but it was an accident and I can't seem to do it again. And what is up with Blogger not being compatible with Internet Explorer? I used to prefer Firefox, but I can't seem to figure out the bookmark thing there.


And I haven't even gotten to the Office programs yet.

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