Friday, January 16, 2015

Thoughts for a Friday.

1. My computer's demise has been slow but steady and it's nearing the end. A new one will be ordered this weekend. Is it crazy that the thing I am most excited about is a built-in SD card reader? I think it's going to change my life. No more searching for the camera cord and waiting for the computer to recognize the camera. Just pop the card in and you're there. It's got to be the time-saver of the decade. Heck, it will probably save me, oh, five or six minutes a year! It's the little things, right?

2. I used to think converting PDFs to Word documents was terrible, but then I had to deal with a PDF that was made with InDesign. Today I wanted to shoot myself. Between all the people in the office, we wound up with seven copies of the Word file, all made different ways, none of which will work completely right. I'm currently copying/pasting from two different files and the 278-page PDF into a new Word document. Next week is going to be a long one.

3. The photo above shows what I ate for dinner because Friday!

4. I have bought two pairs of comfortable shoes in the last two weeks. It's a podiatric miracle. ICYMI, I have bunions, which makes buying shoes that fit ridiculously hard. I've learned to look at shoes wherever I go even if I'm not in the market for them and that's exactly what happened when I was in DSW with Abbey the other day. I saw a big yellow W on a box, tried them on, and *ka-ching!* Like bedroom slippers.

5. This past week was the week of the very bad resume. We got about 50 applications for a position teaching ESL part-time with my company, and I was in charge of reviewing them and putting them in No and Maybe piles. We should have had an "Are You Kidding Me?" pile. First let me say that just because you speak English does not mean you can teach it, least of all to people who don't know a word of it. Second, here are a few pointers about resumes:
  • Send your resume as a Word document or a PDF. Do not use NotePad. That's the equivalent of texting it to me.
  • Use a spellchecker. Have a friend proofread it. Use capitalization and punctuation. Especially if you are applying to teach English.
  • Keep it short. I actually got one that was 16 pages and I didn't think that was possible. Two pages max.
  • If the ad says the job is IN Fredericksburg and you live in POLAND (the one in Europe), do not apply—the commute is wicked.
  • Make sure the cover letter attached to your resume is actually for the job for which you are applying. We got letters this week for a law firm and a nursing position. We are a translation company.
  • If you graduated from college with honors, spell them correctly. Sum Cum Lade sounds like Chinese food. (Hat tip to Leah for that joke.)
Happy weekend!

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