Monday, April 28, 2014

In which we discuss loading the dishwasher.

As with most things in life, there's a right way and a wrong way. And my way is right.

Ha! Just kidding. 

But not really. 

I guess I've never thought about this before because I taught my kids how to load a dishwasher, so of course they do it right.

Then I got a job and had to share a kitchen with a bunch of strangers.

I tell you, it's downright horrifying the things people do in a kitchen. From not separating the big forks from the small ones in the drawer to keeping some coffee mugs in one cabinet and others in a cabinet across the kitchen, the instances of "this makes no sense" are rampant in the company eating space. So to keep you from being "that person," here's a list of do-not-ever-do-this-in-the-shared-kitchen items:

1. Never leave time on the microwave. When your food is heated to your liking, remove your food (and the plastic thingy that covers it) and press "clear."

2. Wipe the place where you sat at the table. Do not leave crumbs, Diet Coke, salad dressing, or remnants of sprouts for the next person to dodge.

3. When placing dishes in the dishwasher, open the door all the way, pull the rack out, and load dirty dishes in the back first. Silverware goes in handle first, with the eating/cutting surface UP. Plates face the same direction. (Do I really need to say that?) Bowls must be positioned so the water drains out of them. Also, this is a cheap dishwasher. Rinse your dishes first.

4. When putting food in the refrigerator, tall things go on the tall shelves, short things on the short shelves.

5. Never throw another person's food away, no matter how moldy. It is acceptable to ask around the office to expedite the removal of nastiness from the fridge, but don't assume. And especially never throw away someone else's containers.

6. Do not, under any circumstances, burn popcorn in the microwave.

Now don't we all feel better?

Be thankful ~

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