Saturday, February 22, 2014


I have many, since I never take the time to write anymore.

1. I am having a hair crisis that won’t quit. Same style for more years than I can count except to say one of my children was an infant when I got it cut like this. And they’re all in their twenties. I’m afraid there’s going to have to be an intervention.

2. Watching other people train for half marathons and marathons makes me a teensy bit jealous, but I am nowhere near being ready for anything other than a quick two-miler. I attempted three this morning and wound up doing a lot of walking, and now my hip hurts. I’m sure forgetting breakfast didn’t help, that whole you-have-to-have-something-to-run-on thing being what it is.

3. There are dead skunks all over the roads lately, the first indication of spring in Virginia. But on the bright side, I’m getting good at turning off the heat and vent before I get to one, so I can minimize the smell in the car. It’s like the latest driving game.

4. I’ve been thinking lately about the whole aging thing. I think that’s normal when you’re 52 and daily confronted with the fact that you can’t do the things you once did with ease. I used to get frustrated with Ben because he refused to admit he couldn’t work as hard and/or long as he used to. But then I realized I do the same thing, only in different areas. He wants to be able to cut and split and stack firewood for ten hours with no break. I want to be able to run 12 miles in 2 hours and five minutes. I don’t think either one will ever happen again. And that’s sad. It’s like burying a part of yourself that you loved.

Well, that became much more depressing than I meant it to. I really am a happy person, really. I promise the next post will be positive!

Be thankful ~

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